Ligres beach

Ligres is located 51km south of Rethymno and 7km south of the village Kerames, at the foot of the imposing mount of Siderotas. It is actually the northbound part of the beachfront called Akoumiani Gialia. Ligres is a vast beach with coarse sand and fantastic deep sea. The relatively tough access has fortunately kept the development of tourism away, making it one of the nicest, tranquil and most se ...
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Moni Prebeli

Preveli is located about 35km south of Rethymno and 10km east of Plakias. Beach of Preveli, also known as Lake Preveli or Phoenix, is located at the exit of the imposing Kourtaliotikos Gorge, where the Great River (Megas Potamos) is flowing. It is certainly the most famous beach in southern Crete, accepting thousands of visitors every summer. During the 60s and 70s, it was a favorite destination f ...
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Agios Paulos

The coastal village of Agios Pavlos (St. Paul) is located 58km south of Rethymno, west of Agia Galini, and on the edge of Cape Melissa. You can access the area by driving from the villages Akoumia or Sachtouria. It's a peaceful place, well-hidden in a sheltered bay, which is ideal for family holidays. The bay has a beautiful beach with green deep waters and magnificent rocky seabed. Near the beach ...
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The beach of Triopetra, named after the three impressive rocks ("Triopetra" means "three stones" in Greek) in the sea, is found 52 kilometers far from Rethymnon and 13 kilometers from the village Akoumia, at the South. It is a long, sandy beach, open to the southern winds. It is very popular, not only because of the marvelous landscape, the crystal clear sea and the facilities, but also for the ma ...
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Situated some 30 km South of the town of Rethymno, approximately in the middle of the island of Crete, Spili has everything for the visitor who wants to experience ''natural Crete''. Mount Vorizi which hovers over the town is impressive, but wait until you walk up the side streets of this village to be really impressed. The cobbled streets and flowering shrubs are a photographers dream. In the cen ...
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