Our guesthouses are the ideal destination to experience serenity and warmth through your stay in an authentically traditional environment. The guesthouses combine elegance and comfort and can accommodate 2 to 4 persons.

The coexistence of metal and vivid colors creates a unique atmosphere that will leave you with the best memories in a place that feels like home and in which you will be able to create your own fairytale. The colorful fabrics in the interior give a cheerful tone and vividness.

The guesthouses are equipped with modern furniture in the open sitting room and fireplace as well as the bedroom and will impress you from the outset. The fully equipped kitchen will satisfy all your demands, whilst the high specifications and elegant design marble bathroom will offer you moments of absolute relaxation.

The perfect positioning of our guesthouses gives you the opportunity to enjoy the summer sun and the view of the Libyan Sea, presenting an image of idyllic landscapes and the horizon unfolding in front of you. Whilst spending carefree and unconcerned moments at the swimming pool, under the warm sun, you will be inundated by the scents from the surrounding gardens.

The surrounding area is characterized by the rock gardens and chromatic combinations of flowers and plants which are everywhere. With an emphasis on detail, the result pleasantly surprises the visitor as he finds himself beside old objects with historical value and tradition through time, “buried” in an abundance of colors.

The serenity of the landscape, the only sounds being the whisper of the leaves and the singing of the birds, will captivate your soul